Joining the Regina Hungarian Cultural and Social Club

Many times, it has been said: "There are 2 kinds of people in the world, Hungarians and those that wish they were Hungarian!" Well, if this is true, we would like to make the process of being Hungarian...or at least an 'Honorary Hungarian'...a little bit easier.

You do not need to be Hungarian to join the Hungarian Club, membership is open to anyone! The Regina Hungarian Cultural and Social Club is interested in keeping our culture alive and sharing our culture with others. As a member you will have ample opportunity to learn more about Hungary, Hungarians, our cuisine, dancing, colorful costumes, embroidery and other Hungarian arts and crafts. We host events such as Mosaic a Festival of Cultures, the Grape Harvest Supper and Dance and the Western Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival, which will allow you to experience our traditional music, dances, food and drink. With all this exposure, you will find yourself becoming 'Hungarian' in no time.

The Regina Hungarian Cultural and Social Club is a private club, which means all who enter the Club (Beverage Room) need to either be a member or be signed in by a member (SLGA regulations). However, you DO NOT need a membership to eat in the dining room!

Regina Hungarin Club 2017 Executive Board
Position Name
President Maggie Meszaros-Gilmore
Vice-President Kim Sakal Hoftyzer
Treasurer(Financial Committee)  Debbie McPherson, Carolle Tarr, Ilona Toth
Secretary Ilona Toth
Trustee Eva Marshall
Trustee Ron Chibi

Be Part of Our Community and Become a Member Today!

It’s easy! Simply fill out a registration form. We offer 2 levels of membership.

$10.00 for social membership
$2.00 for associate membership.

Membership Drive

With the purchase of a lunch buffet on Thurs, Fri or Sunday, you will receive a promotional membership included in the cost of your
buffet lunch. The promotional membership is good until Dec 31.