Balaton Hungarian Dancers

Since the Club's inception in 1922, Hungarian folk dancing has always been the focal point of culture in the Regina Hungarian Club. In order to preserve and nurture the Hungarian culture, the Club has offered various programs to their members and families. Through the years, these programs have included language school, choir, theatrical performances and, of course, dancing. The Regina Balaton Hungarian Dancers were officially formed in 1974. The Hungarian community is entertained throughout the year by the Balaton Dancers at such events as the Grape Harvest Supper and Dance, Mosaic a Festival of Cultures and at commemorative celebrations such as March 15 and October 23.


The Regina Balaton Hungarian Dancers will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2024. On the Thanksgiving weekend, October 11-14, 2024, the Balaton Dancers will be hosting the Western Canadian Folk Festival in Regina.  Stay tuned for more updates.

The dancers first participated in the precursor to Mosaic in 1973. This success led to the Balaton dancers forming in 1974. They have worked hard towards improving their knowledge and skills over the years by travelling to Hungary for various dance camps and performances, and by hiring professional choreographers to teach them new dances and techniques. The dance group has seen many changes over the years with over 200 different dancers having been part of the group at one time or another. Today, the dance group has 30 members but anyone may join at any time sothe numbers are constantly changing!

The Regina Balaton Hungarian Dancers share their culture with the community and preserve the culture in their family. The Balaton Dancers currently have 3 groups, which offers a dance program suited to the age and skill level of the participants. It provides an avenue for families who have always been involved with Regina Hungarian Club to introduce their children to Hungarian culture through dance. It also allows those who have not been active in the Club in the past to reintroduce their culture to their children and families.

There is a Junior, Intermediate and Senior dance group. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at for more information on how to enroll!